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Kerstin Özdel


I love animals, especially dogs, and find each breed fascinating in its own right. 

Due to my varied work as a dog trainer in Turkey, there are also surprising situations for me every day.

The training here, in contrast to Germany, is different in the sense that on my daily walks with my "students" I also meet stray street dogs again and again. They are not always social and friendly, and there are often dicey situations. For example, when a Kangal wants to protect "its" flock of goats and sheep and sees us as a threat. 

Understanding the language of dogs, assessing the respective situation individually and then acting confidently leads to stress-free encounters with strange owner dogs and stray dogs. 

Many of the dogs that come to me at the dog school are traumatised. Already 4-5 weeks old when they were taken away from their mother, abused or living on the streets for years, something like that leaves deep scars on the dog's soul.  

With a lot of patience, calmness, love, pressure and consistency, they learn to trust again and to look forward to life.

A lot of positive things have happened in the field of animal welfare in Turkey in recent years. It is still a long way from European understanding, but we are already celebrating the small and steady successes.

It is always nice for me to see how dogs and owners grow together into a dream team in a personally tailored individual training program.

Through intensive and continuous training, I consolidate my certified knowledge and further develop my skills.

The cooperation with

LUXY PET HOTEL /// NIRVANA HOTELS in Antalya offers the perfect frame for my successful work.


Kerstin Özdel
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