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Training online? Sure, we all know the training videos that show how easy everything can be. But the world of dealing with our dog is often not as easy as it is presented to us in the beautiful videos.

Interactive and *just in time* is the key to success.

We simply connect online via SKYPE, ZOOM or WhatsApp. You describe your problems to me and I coach you via live camera, simply at your home.

The advantages are obvious:

Training in familiar surroundings.

Neutral analysis of the behaviour of you and your dog.

Tips and advice from me that you can apply and implement immediately.

Train in familiar surroundings
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Why is it sometimes advantageous to train at home?

The reasons are very diverse:

  • You are not mobile.

  • You are physically unable to walk or stand much.

  • Your dog is particularly fearful and skittish.

  • Your dog is particularly aggressive.

  • You live many kilometres away.

  • Your dog does not tolerate car rides.

  • Your dog has physical limitations.

  • You have concerns about Covid-19.

  • etc. 

With interactive training, you get immediate feedback on your behaviour. Correction for misbehaviour or encouragement when you are on the right track is hugely important.

Especially in an unfamiliar environment, e.g. at the dog park, your dog is particularly nervous in the first hours. During the training at your home, he is particularly focused from the first moment.

You will be amazed at how many successes you two can celebrate together!



Together with the family
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It is not always just one dog owner who lives with the dog. It is often couples or families with one or more children. Of course, it makes sense that everyone in the family understands and can use communication between humans and dogs.

Especially here, the focus is very much on the correct handling of the dog. 

Virtual training at home, interactive for the whole family, offers only advantages.


The partner, children, grandma & grandpa or other people living in the household can participate in the online training at the same time. In this way, everyone has the same level of knowledge and the flow of information is not weakened, as it is with the "silent mail".

Behavioural patterns often have to be changed, and of course this works much better if all the people around the dog then also consistently take them to heart.

Just be there and let the online dog school convince you. 



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