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Gesundheit für deinen Hund durch Omega 3
Gesundheit für Tiere durch Omega 3

Your dog's health is just as important to you as your own. You inform yourself on the Internet about which feeding is best and which food is of the highest quality for your darling. You also spend a lot of money on treats and care products. You do what you can and yet it happens again and again that your dog gets sick. You take him to the vet and after an examination you are given medication to treat the symptoms.

From my own experience I can say that over the past 40 years I have invested enormous sums of money in treatments, medicines, food, feed additives and much more with my dogs in order to provide my animals with the best possible care. I've spent countless hours in the kitchen cooking bland foods. I've been trawling through websites with information on alternative healing methods. In the end I treated my animals like raw eggs to avoid infections and to keep damage to the joints as low as possible and still I couldn't break this vicious circle. 

So I've been thinking a lot about health. Today I am convinced that it is extremely important to create a balance between omega 6 and omega 3 in the body. This applies to all living beings!

I got it and made up my mind to do the right thing! For me, continuous prevention with the very best ingredients of nature is the only right way to minimize and ideally stop the suffering caused by illnesses and deficiency symptoms in my animals and also in me.

Science has shown that humans and animals share many of the same nutritional needs. The supply of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids EPA & DHA in dogs, cats, horses and also in us humans is, among other things, the prerequisite for the development of intelligence, fine motor skills, eyesight and social behavior. The body needs these essential fatty acids, but cannot produce them itself. Due to today's industrially produced food, there is an excess of omega 6 but an undersupply of omega 3. This imbalance makes the body ill and this manifests itself in many symptoms.


Ask yourself this question: Does your animal have problems with…

the intestine, the fur, of the skin, the gums, the heart. of the liver, of the kidneys, the pancreas,

the general condition, the immune system, of wound healing. the muscles, the bone, Diabetes, Arthritis, Inflammation and much more…


If only one of the symptoms mentioned applies to your darling, you should urgently do the right thing! Do not choose just any dietary supplement, but a test-based product that meets the highest standards of effectiveness!


A product that has already contributed to an incredible improvement in general condition 1,000,000 tests.


Bring your darling and yourself back into balance for a live carefree in the future!

Take responsibility for YOU & YOUR animal ♥  NOW! 

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