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Social Walk

Social Walk Alanya/Alanya
Social Walk Alanya/Antalya

Through regular walks with encounter training, so-called SOCIAL WALKS, you as a dog owner get more security during your walks and dog encounters. Through this type of walk, the dogs learn to accept the presence of other dogs, and the calm, social behavior of the dogs is encouraged.


Relaxed together on the road with several human/dog teams. Social interaction and communication with other dogs while maintaining appropriate individual distance!

Social walks are suitable for…

  • Dogs that are fearful and/or insecure

  • Dogs with a lack of socialization

  • Dogs with little environmental familiarity

  • Dogs who are constantly under tension

  • Dogs that are easily distracted by other dogs

  • Dogs with a lack of frustration tolerance

Owners of dogs with leash aggression should please make an individual appointment with me beforehand.

The social walks take place regularly in small groups (approx. 5 - 8 human-dog teams) at different locations. In the event of extremely bad weather, I reserve the right to set an alternative date.

There are no fixed groups, if you have the time and inclination, you can get in touch. As a result, there will always be a newly mixed group of human/dog teams, with always new and exciting encounters.

If you have problems with your dog during the walk, you will of course get help from me.

With no language barrier communication in DE/ EN/ TR

I look forward to every single participant! ♥

Price for participation in the guided Social Walk 300 TL per human/dog team.

Current dates can be found on my Facebook page under the following link...


>>> Binding registration please via WhatsApp over +90 543 544 08 71


Social Walk
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