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Border Collie Special

Border Collie Special | DTT Dog Training Turkey | Deine Hundeschule in Alanya/Antalya - Türkei.

A Border Collie belongs in experienced hands and is definitely not a beginner's dog. I will show you how you can grow together with him into a dream team if you take his special characteristics into account. 

You should be clear in advance which breeding line your Border Collie should come from. But no matter whether you choose the working line or the show line, a Border Collie wants to be kept busy and needs not only sufficient exercise but also a lot of mental work to keep him happy.

I myself have already owned 4 Border Collie girls.

My first girl BAILEY ♥ came to us as a puppy of 12 weeks directly from a shepherd from the Lüneburg Heath/ DE as a second dog.  

A few years later BUFFY ♥ came from Braunschweig/Schöppenstedt/DE. A mix girl, mother Border Collie, father Australian Shepherd.

Then IVY ♥ (Aayla Ivy Master Yoda Border Collies Kennel) moved in with us. A Border Collie girl of a Champion breed from Istanbul/ TR. 

Now ZaZou ♥ (Bijou Zazou Imeras Angels Kennel) lives with us since February 2021. She also comes from a Turkish Champion cattery from Bursa/ TR.

All 4 dogs were/are completely different in character but have the commonality that all Border Collies have in them... the *will to please*, the will to please.  

The Border Collie breed is unique. They have full energy butts and are up for any fun and any task.

However, they also need structure and the right balance between exercise and rest. If you keep raising the energy level of a Border Collie, you will end up with a nervous wreck that never finds peace. 

Besides my own dogs, I was also lucky enough to train a Border Collie girl here at the AKKEM dog school. DALI ♥ has also touched my heart.

I am happy to support you in growing together with your BC into an unbeatable team. I look forward to the adventure with you.



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