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Ring training / Handling

Ringtraining/Handling | DTT Dog Training Turkey | Deine Hundeschule in Alanya/Antalya - Türkei.

You want to participate in a show with your dog? Handling in the ring is crucial for a good score in the competition.


If you want to compete with others, you should impress and convince and stand out from the crowd. 

For you, a ribbon, a certificate and a trophy mean great happiness, for your dog, in case of doubt, pure stress. 

Good preparation and long training are in the foreground in order to turn your dog into a relaxed companion with a strong character in the ring. 

The straight stance, the relaxed walk and the acceptance of touching strangers should become a matter of course for him. Last but not least, social and relaxed behaviour towards other dogs and the cosmetic treatment that he must calmly endure are also part of the training.

I would be happy to give you helpful tips and help you put them into practice.


Impressions: DOG SHOW ANTALYA 2022 /// CAC + CACIB /// Hotel Nirvana Cosmopolitan & LUXY PET HOTEL, Antalya - Lara

My Border Collie girl Bijou ZaZou Imeyra`s Angel (17 months old) and I took part in the DOG SHOW ANTALYA /// CAC + CACIB on May 14th - 15th, 2022.


The result: Junior Turkish Champion.


I am very proud of the result of our hard preparatory work, but also of the behavior of my young dog, who kept calm and behaved in an exemplary manner among almost 200 participating dogs of various breeds.

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