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To speak with animals

Mit Tieren sprechen | Tierkommunikation Kerstin Özdel

Animal communication is a fascinating process that allows for telepathic connection with an animal to gain insights into its thoughts, feelings, needs, and experiences. Here, I'll explain how this process works and why you should commission me for animal communication:

Animal communication is the ability to communicate telepathically with an animal. Telepathy means "feeling at a distance," which enables communication across vast distances. A photo of the animal serves as a tool to facilitate contact. To understand the current moods and feelings of an animal, it's important to tune into its mental vibrations.

There are different forms of reception: "clairaudients" hear the thoughts of animals in their heads, "clairvoyants" receive the animal's responses visually, and "clairsentients" sense the response internally.

Animal communication offers the opportunity to better understand the needs and desires of your animal and resolve behavioral issues. Animals often communicate in their own way when something is wrong. By understanding your animal's perspective better, you can build a deeper connection and provide better assistance.

You may have wondered what your animal wants from you or if it's in pain. Mental communication provides answers to these questions and helps manage various situations better.

Animal communication can also assist in difficult situations, such as farewells. It can help recognize the timing of farewells and act accordingly.

What do I need from you for animal communication?

  1. A recent photo of your animal. The photo should clearly show the animal's face.

  2. Your animal's name.

  3. Your animal's date of birth (if known).

  4. Up to 5 questions you would like me to ask your animal.


What do you get from me?

  1. A personal phone call following the animal conversation with your animal's responses.

  2. An email with a written summary of the animal conversation.

  3. My personal assessment.


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