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Clicker training

Clickertraining | DTT Dog Training Turkey | Deine Hundeschule in Alanya/Antalya - Türkei.

A dog associates "right" or "wrong" in only 1 second when it happens. In clicker training with positive reinforcement, your dog learns commands and tricks 10 times faster.

The clicker is a training tool with an acoustic signal, the *click*. It is a sound that does not occur in nature.  It does not transmit mood swings and emotions. It always sounds the same to the dog and is unmistakable.

You press the clicker the second the dog shows the desired behaviour. A click is a promise of the reward that follows. Once the dog is conditioned to the clicker, click = reward, click = reward, it understands *just in time* that it has solved a task correctly.  

However, the human must also learn to use the clicker correctly. The success of clicker training requires the right timing.


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