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Trick dogging

Trickdogging | DTT Dog Training Turkey | Deine Hundeschule in Alanya/Antalya - Türkei.

Besides sufficient exercise, brainwork is extremely important for your dog's exercise. I will show you how you can use tricks to bring variety into your dog's everyday life. 

You won't believe it, but if your dog suddenly has to use his head to solve tasks, he will be more balanced and satisfied overall. 

You take your dog for a walk, you throw his favourite ball..., that's all well and good, but there are many more exciting activities that will make you and your dog a real dream team. 

Your dog can learn tricks anywhere. Whether indoors or outdoors, in a small room or in a large space. The important thing is that you and your dog can concentrate. So choose an environment with as little stimuli as possible at the beginning. 


With calmness and patience, I will show you how he can do a roll, bow, crawl across the floor, stand on your feet and walk with you, bring objects into a container and much more. 

You'll see, it's fun for both of you and you'll invent more and more new tricks together.


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